Window Blinds and Shades with Panel

May 10th

Panels come in a variety of fabrics, colors, length and style, making them ideal for decorating your window blinds and shades. Fancy silk panels work in the most elegant rooms, while simple homemade cotton panels can work in a relaxed room. Floor-length panels are usually reserved for more formal furnishings or floor length windows, while shorter panels can be used in bedrooms or temporary family rooms. Hang the panels in a way that complements the other interior and style of the room.

Window Blinds and Rattan
Window Blinds and Rattan


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Hang best panels that complement the color, theme and style of the room. Mix different panels if it works with your decor, such as layering clean panels behind dark, luxurious panels to allow for different needs, such as letting in daylight or wanting absolute privacy. Sheer panels work well with beach decor or create a light and airy feel.

Switch between different colored panels if you want a striped effect, or to tie all the colors that are in the whole room together. Cheap panels window can be easily rotated to create a new look every season or when you are in the mood for change. For example, use different pink and green patterns in a pink and green room, such as floral designs in spring. Circles are suitable for the summer, while stripes could work during the autumn. For the winter, try checkered flannel panels.