Repair Chain Link Fence Screen

Touching the chain link fence screen you notice that some of the links have been broken or that the net seems saggy. Gunneboels, although durable, may need to be repaired after a heavy storm or when the soil around the fence begins to fall. Always make sure to use the same material as the fence was made to keep the look uniform and as strong as possible. Do not try to patch chain link fence holes; instead replace the entire mesh piece.

Black Fence Privacy Slats

Black Fence Privacy Slats


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Stretch a rope along the part of the chain link fence that is broken, feeding the ropes through the links. Pull the rope and tie down on the post to relieve tension to the chain clutch. Use pliers to remove the chain link twist on either side of the damaged fence at the fence post. Pull away the twist. If the twist is rust or hard to remove, cut it out with a tongs.

Remove the old chain link fence by dragging it free. Roll up as a carpet and dispose of properly, according to local debris guidelines. Cut your new piece of wire mesh to the same height and width of the old patch using cutter. Roll out the fabric between the two posts and set new turns at each end of the fencing post. Tighten twists using pliers until the tension is correct.