Popular Style of Wood Fence Gate Designs

Wood Fence Gate Designs – Wooden doors can be very complicated or crudely functional, depending on whether they are necessary for safety or aesthetic reasons. The relatively simple operating design allows adding any number of embellishments. Wooden doors first became widespread in the 16th century, when the feudal lords of England began segregating their farmland as part of the enclosing process.

Wooden Gate Designs

Wooden Gate Designs

The cornice and orthopedic or a “z” style wooden door, is usually used as a side entrance to a garden. The slats that form its front part are supported on the back by a sequence of horizontal beams that are supported by a diagonal beam between each one. This design gives it the strength to withstand frequent use, even if they require considerations of space that is narrow.

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Wooden field doors offer a low impact entrance to a driveway, field or other open space. Field doors are typically formed from a series of horizontal beams with a pole at each end and a single diagonal beam that crosses the space between. Some country doors incorporate an independent pedestrian entrance, in addition to the door, which allows vehicle access. Because the single door is hinged at one end, sufficient space is required for it to open.