Pond Lighting: Pretty at Night!

Apr 18th

Pond lighting – A pond can be illuminated in many ways. With floodlights under water and above water, with recessed lamps, special underwater lighting with subtle LED bulbs that give you the idea of ​​reflection of the starry sky and so on. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when installing. Although the protection class IP 44 is sufficient for normal garden luminaires, luminaires that are permanently used in water require protection class IP 68.

Underwater Pond Lighting
Underwater Pond Lighting

Pond lighting, which works with low voltage (usually 12 volts), can usually be installed by yourself. A transformer controls the 220 volts from the socket down to a safe 12 volts. Practical are plug-in systems that can be installed even as laymen. Meanwhile, almost only the bright, economical LED is offered, other lamps such as halogen lamps are largely suppressed.

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The balls float wirelessly on the reflecting pond. They are equipped with solar lighting and can be switched on or off with a remote control. They are also available in white. The goal should not be to illuminate the garden and pond as brightly as the day. The game with light and shadow is much more exciting. Use the lighting sparingly by only marking individual elements of the pond. For example, plants look completely different when exposed from below.