Big Fence Post Caps

When you start choosing a metal fence post caps, you should first consider what will come to the fence’s function. Some fences are made to contain children, dogs or other animals. Other fences are built for privacy, to screen out ugly views or curious eyes. Some fences are purely decorative and are a nice touch […]

Black Chain Link Fence Gate

Building a black vinyl chain link fence is a great way to define the boundaries of your farm and even keep annoying rodents away from your landscaping. Properly installed, a chain link fence will last for years and look good with little maintenance. Getting Started Before you begin your project, map out the area you […]

Black Corrugated Metal Fence

Today, corrugated metal fence panels that hit a front yard, most likely aluminum or steel that produces wrought iron look – for much less. Here’s what you need to know to sort through the options. In colonial times, only the richest could afford to import forged hand-shaped ironworks into their fine brick and stone houses. […]

Chain Link Black Install

When fencing is on a simple, continuous slope with no small dips and rises, only fitting to the installing a chain link fence occurs at the ends of the chain link fabric where it attaches to the terminal or corner post. The position must always be installed upright. Since this would cause the end of […]

Best Electric Fence For Horses

Electric fence for horses can be established in connection with fence fences or as electric fences with freely suspended wires. When supplementing a fence fence with electric fences, one obtains a horse fence in absolute class. The robust materials and high visibility of the fecal fence provide an effective physical barrier. While the live wires […]

Distance Between Field Fence Posts

36 to 48 inches deep is typical Penn state agricultural research and cooperative expansion is 36 inches typically fence post depth chart for line positions. Fences in areas with very sandy or wet soil must insert more deeply. Street posts and corner posts, which are often larger and under more pressure, are typically driven to […]

Black Chain Link Fence Installation

Install chain link fence – Growing up in the country, my family kept us roaming children with a wire fence. It may not have been as decorative as some of the more design ones out there, but it was simple and safety. I have many memories of climbing and, finally, jumping over the fence and […]

Black Chain Link Fence

Estimating chain link fence post spacing material makes it easy to calculate the cost of the entire project. It helps you prepare a budget, provides a target for savings and serves as a baseline shopping list for materials needed for the project. A detailed map of the planned fence area is needed to give a […]

Black Privacy Slats For Chain Link Fence

A privacy slats for chain link fence in the backyard helps keep dogs and children in, keeping everything else. Fencing chain link is a popular style of metal wire fence woven into an interlocking mesh type and attached to iron poles. Although robust and durability, wire fences offer little in regards to safety. Install privacy […]

Black Metal Yard Fence

If you need to paint a solid metal fence panels, you have to contend with a few complications. First, as opposed to wooden structures, metal fences are nonporous, making them poorly suited for color adhesion. You need to coat metallic fences with a special primer that will wear the surface to promote adhesion, or finish […]