Indoor Pool House Ideas

Apr 19th

Some homeowners install an indoor pool on their property or at home to provide an area for relaxation or exercise. The decor choices for an indoor pool house can create an elegant and luxurious retreat or a fun tropical paradise. A pool house ideas is an area in the home that can contain a little bit of pride. Small knee pools have made the idea of ​​an indoor pool an option for exercise all year round for many homeowners.

Vintage Pool House
Vintage Pool House

Tropical Lagoon

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Just because the pool is small and designed for exercise does not mean that you cannot decorate the room in a tropical style. Use bright tropical colors for walls and add splashes of color with bright bath towels. A tropical style should include lots of green plants arranged around the pool oasis. In indoor pool houses that have windows, leaving them bare can allow sunlight to filter into the room while swimming in the pool. Wide open windows allow a natural view of the outdoor landscape, while clean curtains can add some luxury to the room.

Wall Paintings and Wall Decor

If your pool house does not have windows, murals can add outdoor landscapes to the room. Decorate a wall in the room with a scenic mural and arrange plants around the wall to create a natural tropical look. Use tiki torches and lanterns to decorate the room. Include chaise lounges to sit around the indoor pool. For rooms with a good amount of space, you can include a bar and tables around the pool for entertaining guests. Make the room a comfortable place to spend time with family and friends with plenty of seating.