Ideas for Pond Fountains Plans

Apr 9th

Pond fountains are popular water features that serve a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose. They help to air the water, which increases oxygen and inhibits algae growth. The pumps that supply water to the fountain also filter the water, which is especially important if the pond has fish. There are some basic steps and supplies necessary to create a fountain for a backyard pond — and as many varieties as there are ponds.

Water Pond Fountains
Water Pond Fountains


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A plan in advance for a pond depth and size that will accommodate your design and available space, as well as the style of the fountain. Check the distance to an outdoor power source and the water source you use for topping the pond and cleaning the pump and fountain. Select the right pump for the job. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for positioning the pump on the lowest part of the pond floor. Run the power cord over an edge and drop through a PVC pipe into a shallow ditch. You can also hide the cord above ground with shrubs or stones. Place the water pipe or hose from the pump to the fountain.

If you have chosen a solid fountain, attach it to one end of the pond, attach the pipe or water hose and arrange decorative stones, pots or ground cover and foliage around it so the fountain looks like part of the landscape. If it will be stationary in the middle of the pond, attach it in place on the cement block or other stable base. If the fountain will float, attach a marine cord or rope to it and attach the wires loosely to two cement blocks placed a recommended distance at the bottom of the pond.