How to Use the Pond Vacuum Cleaners

Apr 16th

Pond Vacuum Cleaners – In order to keep the fish and plants resident in your pond healthy, it is necessary to clean the pond every few months. Leaves and other debris accumulate at the bottom of the pond and begin to rot. The putrefaction process steals oxygen and nutrients needed by fish and plants in the pond. Use a vacuum to make cleaning the pond easier.

Pond Vacuums Muck Vac
Pond Vacuums Muck Vac

Set up the child’s pool next to the pond. Fill the pool with pond water using the bucket. Pump the water in the pond. Remove pond features such as large rocks or stones. Remove the pump and filters from the pond. Use the bucket to get as much water out of the pond as possible. Connect the suction unit to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit interruption) socket. Aspirate any remaining water and mud at the bottom of the pond.

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Attach the sprayer to the garden hose and spray the sides of the puddle. Use the suction equipment to vacuum these wastes. Return to place the stones or other features that you removed. Place the pump and the filter in the pond. Refill the pond with water from the hose. Add water treatment chemicals, as needed. Return to place the aquatic plants in the pond. Add a few liters of old pond water. Replace the fish.