How to Control Pond Algae

Apr 10th

Pond algae – The presence of algae is the bane for any caretaker of the pond, as it results in the loss of life of the fish and depletes the precious oxygen, such as the obstruction of the irrigation lines. But, with a few simple and preventive steps, you can control the algae in a pond and maintain the tranquility of the garden.

Brownsville Pond Algae
Brownsville Pond Algae

Maintain the ecosystem by adding floating plants. To achieve a fine balance naturally, cover at least half the surface of the water with floating plants such as water lettuce, azolla, water hyacinth or duckweed. In addition to these, you can even add lotus or lilies. These plants multiply rapidly and function as a shadow for life below. The submerged plant, like the horn wort, keeps the water cool and blocks excess sunlight and keeps algae growth to a minimum.

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Who does not like to see fish wandering in crystal clear waters? But be sure not to add them too much in a pond. More fish would mean more waste (through excrement and food) which would result in the rapid bloom of the algae. Keep debris at bay. For algae control, regularly clean the surface of the water with a pond.