How to Choose a Window AC Unit

May 10th

Although you can place a heat pump in almost any window, there are specific ways to determine which windows will optimize the performance of the devices. ACs is classified in BTU which will tell what size room they can cool. Choosing a window AC unit that does not effectively circulate cold air throughout the room will make it less efficient. Learning to choose the right size AC and the right window requires some basic evaluation of the room layout.

Wall Air Conditioner
Wall Air Conditioner


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Choose the right size AC for the size room. Measure the length and width of the room with your measuring tape to find the surfaces of the room. For example, a room 10 meters long and 10 meters wide would be 100 square meters in size. Determine if your room is primarily in the shade if your room is shaded; subtract 10 percent from the BTU. If your room is in the sun, add 10 percent. Also, for every person who spends much time in the room, add 600 BTUs.

Choose a window that fits the size of your AC unit. An AC unit is measured in height and width. Measure your windows and identify those that would fit AC either tightly to the body of the device. The also AC can usually be mounted in the window with the help of extension wings supplied with it. The wings are pulling out pieces that fill the gaps between the AC unit and the window frame. Make sure there is at least 1 foot of free space between the back of the AC and any wall or other obstacle. An AC needs to circulate air and consume heat from its engine to the outside air to work well.