Build Small Pond Liner with Bricks

Apr 16th

Small Pond Liner – Among the conditions that can make above necessary soil ponds, for example when you cannot disturb the trees or when the soil is impossible to dig. In the land, ponds are a solution to this. Although the pond scheme may use bricks or cement blocks, to make the pond look attract you will have to face them with rocks of some kind.

Small Preformed Ponds
Small Preformed Ponds

Mark the area you would like your pond to be found using a can of spray paint or wrapping a garden hose around. Calculate approximately how many bricks will have to delineate the shape you have created. Place a layer of bricks to create the outline of the pond. Then stack another layer of bricks on top of this. When stacking the bricks one on top of the other, make sure they are not having their ends aligned but they are “compensated”. Cover the inside of the pond with asphalt cloth. Be generous with the asphalt cloth and put it on.

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Place an EPDM coating over the top of the roof covering. This is the most common type of pond liner and is ideal for artificial ponds. Fill the pond with water. Put a flat layer of rock veneer against the outside of the bricks to hide them. Use large rocks at the bottom and smaller ones at the top. Once you have covered the walls, add a layer on top of the shirt. Make sure it protrudes above the bricks so the siding is completely hidden.