Breakthrough Trend Bathroom Vanity Set

Mar 8th

Bathroom vanity set – If there is an area in the bathroom that we live intensely. That is the vanity or toilet. It is probably the first thing we use in the morning and the last thing we see. We clean, make-up or shave … Anyway, we spend a lot of time in front of us. That’s why it’s so important to put up a good toilet area: functional, practical and, of course, design. Take note! Start with the main thing. If you want to condition the bathroom vanity area. The sink is an inescapable piece.
The ideal is to opt for original bathroom vanity set models or that stand out for their elegance. To give a distinguished look to the set. In this sense, a trend in vogue is thin-walled over-counter sinks, which is the Gala Slim model. When fine tuning the pottery, the result is elegant and delicate. A twist to the aesthetic sense of the finest Chinese porcelain that was use in the first toilets and, without a doubt. A very elegant proposal to renovate the toilet area.
If you want to go one step further, join another breakthrough trend. And choose a bathroom vanity set with metallic sink. If you want to give prominence to the worktop and create a dresser that does not leave anyone indifferent. This is yours. And you can combine it any way you want.  How about having a bathroom cabinet with good storage capacity and compartmentalize drawer to organize the makeup, like Emma (bottom image)? It is, without a doubt, the best solution and surely the easiest one to maintain an optimum order!
There is no dressing table that does not have a good mirror. Although the space and decoration of the bathroom will determine the type of mirror that suits you, rectangular mirrors are always a safe bet: stylize the space and expand the field of view by covering more (very useful if you do not have a full- House, for example) and can be placed vertically or horizontally as appropriate.
But, in addition, it is important that you take care of the illumination that impinges on the mirror. That’s why a brilliant idea is the mirrors with integrated light, like the one of the photographs. This is the Agate Gala model. Versatile, modern and easily combinable, this bathroom vanity set mirror is a great solution, as the led light frame that improves the lighting of the environment and gives a very successful look , reminiscent of the mirrors of old dressing rooms.

Bathroom vanity set

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