Air Conditioner Window Unit for Attic Space

May 10th

Air Conditioner Window Unit – While the installation of air conditioning (AC) may seem out of place for an attic, a window unit can be a good match as long as two basic requirements are met: a window and a power outlet. If one or both of these requirements are not highlighted in your attic, installing them and then installing the unit is always possible.

Window Ac Unit Walmart
Window Ac Unit Walmart

If the attic in question has a vertical sliding window, a window air conditioner is an ideal candidate to cool the space. The rear of the unit should be located outside the house. You can slide the window into the window so that the unit is half in and half out and close the open window in the top rail of the unit. To prevent the unit from falling out of the window, you can install support of V and L brackets to the outer wall and the window, respectively. V-brackets close on the bottom of the unit and the screw on the outside wall just below the support unit as the rear of the unit is the heaviest. L brackets are attached to the window and the enclosure to prevent the window from opening.

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An air conditioner could greatly assist in the cooling and drying of an attic. While not all air conditioning units primarily dehumidify a room, the cooling function dries the air as a side effect. If you wish to simply circulate the air inside the room, you can activate the “Fan” mode.