About Invisible Fence For Cats

Jan 5th

Wireless fences are an also be used by cat owners although these popular product used by dog owners to keep their pets within the property, these devices can. Different types of invisible fence for cats are used including sounds of different tones to keep the cats in a particular area. There are a lot of options for programs that can make your home or farm a quiet and safe place for your pet.

Wireless Invisible Fence
Wireless Invisible Fence


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There are both indoor and outdoor versions of invisible fences for cats. Outdoor versions allow your cat to roam around your property without risking them driving away or getting hit by a vehicle while outside. Indoor wireless cat fences set limits in your home to keep cats from off-limit areas. Such as stove, toilet, kitchen counter and tables.

How it works

A wireless invisible fence for cats will rely on a transmitter to produce sounds that only your cat can hear. You will place a susceptible collar on the cat to hear the tones of the transmitter. A tune is first emitted before a series of corrective tones are produced. You will need to adjust the intensity based on the age and health of your cat.