Tips for Staying Organized When Applying to College

College application differs from your other responsibilities. Firstly, the stakes are undeniably high. If you achieve success, you will believe that the road to your future is paved with gold, but if you fail, you may begin to doubt yourself.

Aside from that, applying to college often requires little supervision or guidance. You can debate possibilities with your parents or seek guidance counselor recommendations, but ultimately, you are accountable for your destiny. Additionally, students must maintain academic and extracurricular success. You probably don’t have much extra time, yet here you are, juggling important work that could determine your future.

Consider the university’s acceptance rate while submitting your college application. For instance, in 2021, the UCLA acceptance rate is 16.1 %, while the Dartmouth acceptance rate is 10.4%. These numbers should serve as your motivation to give extra effort in applying. 

Sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities. If you do not arrange and prepare correctly, you may not gain admission to the university of your dreams. To overcome the challenges of the college application, however, it is essential to plan and, most importantly, organize your qualifications and documentation.

Using color-coding to categorize files is one option. You may also integrate files and documents into your calendar with some apps. DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft Cloud are all cloud-based solutions that enable you to view your documents anywhere. DropBox and Microsoft Cloud are also cloud-based options.

When applying to college, there are numerous deadlines to keep in mind. Because each college has various deadlines, these dates are easy to forget. If you do not give your application by the deadline, you risk losing all of your hard work.

As a student, you should put important college application dates in your calendar to remain organized. Each school you plan to apply to will have its application date.

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