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Window Film for your Home or Office Security

Window films help increase the safety of your home. A polyester laminate film is applied to the window glass to tint it. The film is applied to the glass interior, but it can also be used to the exterior.

There are many kinds of window films. But safety and security tints for home security are the best, and in many ways, a strong window film can increase home safety.

Home tints can be used to increase visibility but also prevent people from looking inside your property. Your home’s aesthetic is not affected by tinting. They can even enhance it!

Window films don’t scream “theft deterrent” like bars on windows. But it can still deter crime.

If thieves cannot see the property, they will be deterred by solid window films. People are less likely to strike if there isn’t a visible reward.

It is the same for planned burglaries. Most burglars seek out homes that make easy targets. For example, homes that do not have security lights or windows are easy targets. Window films make it much easier for burglars to monitor your home and decide where to enter.

As you can choose the thickness of the window security film, so too are the options for its color. A transparent security film is available that is invisible to the public. It is delicate and won’t alter the aesthetic or appearance of your space. You might begin looking at window tinting prices in Columbus, GA, to lower the risk of falling shards or prevent water and debris from getting in.

Security film allows home and business owners to get help quickly by slowing down intruders for as little as two minutes. The film makes it more challenging to gain entry into the building and help deter criminals. Window tinting Schenectady, NY, prevents water and debris from entering and reduces injury from flying shards.

Window tinting is an application that can reflect the sun’s rays on the exterior or interior of glass doors. Window Film blocks heat, glare, UV rays that cause sunburn and fading and lower energy consumption. These benefits can also be combined with added security and safety. You can choose from clear or tinted films to get solar control and additional protection.

KEPLER Window Films and Coatings are a great option to protect your livelihood. Contact us for further information on KEPLER Window Films & Coatings. We are happy and able to answer your questions and provide an estimate for the installation of the film in your company.

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