The Dangers of DIY Cabinet Refacing

The Dangers of DIY Cabinet Refacing

There has been a growing need for many households to upgrade their kitchen cabinets. Still, with the recent turnout of events due to the coronavirus pandemic, many homeowners decided to upgrade cabinets by themselves. DIY cabinet refacing may be easy to look at by simply watching tutorial videos, but there are dangers in trying to DIY your cabinets.

So, before attempting to DIY a kitchen cabinet refinishing or refacing, you should know the risks and dangers of this project.

  1. Unlike exterior or interior paintingand veneer lamination, refacing cabinets can cause extensive damage if they are not correctly built. Additionally, you may accidentally remove a damaged door or hardware, which can leave the cabinet with holes or dents. If the box of the cabinets is in bad shape, it will require extensive work to reface them.
  2. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may be tempted to try painting your cabinets yourself. However, it is essential to ensure that the finished result matches the existing design in the room. Whether you are painting a cabinet or installing a wood veneer, you should confirm the doors and drawer faces will fit. If you are unsure, take measurements of the box to ensure the fit.

If you are a novice, be prepared to waste time and money because of probable mistakes in trying to DIY the repainting job.

  1. You can buy a refacing kit from a big-box store or online. A refacing kit contains all of the necessary materials, including glue and paint. It’s essential to measure your cabinet boxes carefully to get the right-sized equipment. However, if your measurements aren’t exact, you may end up with a faulty refacing kit, which can set your project back days.

The bottom line in all these is simple, though DIY may be fun, you might want first to call an expert kitchen cabinet maker to see how they do what they do. Observe how they do it the first time, and maybe you’ll be able to do it yourself the next time you’ll need to do a refacing project at home.

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