7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022 – Infographic

Sustainable packaging is any packaging that has a lower environmental effect than less sustainable alternatives. While sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is not synonymous, it is believed that the use of sustainable materials in the development of new packaging choices has a beneficial effect on the environment. With any sustainable packaging initiative, some critical variables come into play. This includes cost, sustainability or its recyclability, compostability, and reusability. Its performance is also a crucial variable if it is new. More sustainable packaging protects and conserves the products it was designed to carry as effectively as previous, potentially less sustainable packaging options. In addition to its portability, can this packaging be accurately sorted at its nearest materials recovery facility?

It is difficult for businesses to align all variables concurrently, which is why development in this sector has been gradual. Many coffee shops still offer hot beverages in waxed-paper cups, despite the fact that recycling alternatives for these cups are limited. Thus, more and more businesses are investing the extra time required to design their packaging for recyclability, like unique paper shopping bags. They are ensuring that the existing recycling infrastructure can effectively process these things, and the raw material may be utilized to make new products like paper bags for grocery shopping. This trend will continue to be effective, but it will need attention and coordination on the part of businesses to adhere to industry norms and regulations in order to guarantee that their goods can be recycled within the existing infrastructure.

There are continuously new items being introduced to the market, many of which have not been recycled. Very tiny products and multi-material packaging that may include both plastic and metal or several kinds of plastic may fall into this category of more challenging to recycle. Over time, businesses will see the advantages of investing in sustainable packaging, both for themselves and the environment.

If you are thinking about what packaging suits your products, below is an infographic from Bagitan Packaging that discusses the seven sustainable packaging ideas for 2022.

7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022

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