The 3 Types of Media to Publicize Your Business

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in digital consumption, which is further heightened during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The prevalent digital dominance has made it more critical than ever for businesses to boost their online presence to generate excellent customer engagement.

With the rise in digital consumption, many customers rely on the internet to purchase products and look for various services. Businesses must leverage this behavior and lucrative opportunities to publicize their platform effectively.

Companies do not just develop their brand in building a robust online presence. It also helps them gain credibility and reach more customers. As such, business owners must know what type of media to consider.

Three media types can promote their company effectively; paid media, owned media, and earned media.

Paid media refers to purchasing ad inventory on a paid media channel or publisher site to promote content and drive exposure. It includes but is not limited to display ads, paid search results, and influencer marketing.

Owned media pertains to content that a business owner controls, such as company websites, social media accounts, blogs, and videos. The goal of this media is to continue providing value to existing leads.

Earned media is the media exposure a business has gained through word-of-mouth, whether from excellent SEO efforts, excellent user experience, or knowledgable content. Companies can gain this type of media by getting press mentions, reports, recommendations, and positive reviews.

It is essential for businesses, regardless of the size, to maximize the benefits of such media for publicization. Aspects like dynamic search algorithms and social networks are critical in making it easier for customers to locate companies online among the many competitors present.

Business owners can ask assistance from a trustworthy pr agency in the Philippines to implement such media.

Read this infographic from NGP IMC to learn more.

media infographic

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