Great tyres for high-speed driving during the winter

When you have a vehicle that can handle the high speeds, then you will need to also match it with good quality tyres that have a high-speed rating. When driving during the winter, at a high speed, you will need a tyre that can handle the speed. The tyres will need to provide you with stability at the high speed and with precise steering. This is needed to give you a safe and enjoyable drive. Combine that with great grip properties to both ensure that you can stop quickly and manage slippery surfaces without the risk of losing grips when cornering and lane shifts.

With the new winter tyres from Nokian Tyres that were recently launched they now have a good high-speed tyre for the winter season. The Nokian Snowproof P, which can handle speeds up to 240 km/h, are great e.g., for Germany where cars want to drive fast on Autobahn also during the winter season, that is when the conditions allow. There are many fast cars in Central Europe and there is no need for these cars to drive at a reduced speed during the whole period that they have winter tyres mounted. As mentioned, when the weather conditions allow for higher speeds, the tyres should be able to cater for that. It doesn’t mean that you should drive really fast when you have a snowstorm.

When driving at high speed, make sure that you have sufficient with pressure in your tyres and that you have sufficient tread depth remaining on your tyres. High speeds can be very liberating and at the same time very exciting feeling, but the key is to remain safe both for yourself and the other people on the roads. The German autobahn is a great place to let the car drive at the speeds that they were made for.

The combination of a good sports car and high-quality tyres that are made for high speeds is the combination that you need even during the winter. Then you are able to enjoy the power of your car to the fullest. Nokian Tyres doesn’t only provide the best winter tyres; they have a full range of tyres including summer tyres that can handle high speeds. They also have a range of tyres that are developed specially for electrical vehicles and hybrids, so if you have one, then make sure that you get the tyres that are optimized for them and are environmentally friendly both when driving and when they were produced.

For winter tyres the maintenance is maybe even more critical than for summer tyres, so you will need to ensure that you have sufficient tyre pressure and tread depth. Both these will affect how well the tyres will perform when driving on snow, ice and slush and if you also aim to drive fast you want to make sure that you get the best performance out of them.

For more information regarding the new Nokian Snowproof P, visit: https://www.nokiantyres.com/

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