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Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place – Infographic

Most people consider their homes as a safe place to be in. However, it might be different for senior adults. While they have lived for years in their current residence, many risk areas might be hiding in the vicinity, which can endanger their lives.

Seniors might trip over clutter, slip over tiles, or fall down the stairs, mainly because of mobility issues. As we continue to age, moving about often becomes challenging, and we might not be able to navigate certain places in our houses the way we used to.

In some cases, senior adults are transferred to nursing homes to have someone to take care of them and remove them from possible hazards in their present home. These facilities ensure the safety of their senior clients and provide them with professional services.

However, elder loved ones might feel uncomfortable in assisted living facilities. These places are often unfamiliar for seniors, and transitioning there means adjusting to new routines. Such conditions might make them feel stressed and affect their overall demeanor.

When senior adults want to age in place, they can apply for eligibility for the CT Homecare Program for Elders (CHCPE). Once they qualify for this program, they can stay in their homes provided that they have home care assistance CT. They need well-trained caregivers to give them the top-quality services they deserve and companionship for socialization.

Additionally, if elder loved ones have specific care requirements, they can opt for 24 hour caregivers Old Lyme CT. This type of home care assistance has two or more caregivers working equal shifts day and night. It ensures that someone is awake whenever a senior client requires their aid.

There are many ways for seniors to enjoy a safer and more comfortable stay as they age in place. Apart from having a caregiver help them, they can also make friendly modifications to make most daily tasks easier. For more information on the matter, an infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare is provided below.

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