Things to Do When Cleaning the Chimney

A fireplace is a great source of heat. Having it in a house can be a huge advantage, especially for families that live in places like New York. It keeps the whole family warm whenever the weather is harsh, and it can help save money as it cuts down on electrical bills that would otherwise be spent on a heater. However, it is important to get the fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected by professionals at least once a year. Chimney inspection in Suffolk County can be a great option for people who live in New York and want to get their chimneys inspected and cleaned.


Not everyone can afford to hire professional chimney cleaning services, so they opt to clean it themselves. When doing so, it is best to let the fireplace and chimney cool off. Cleaning it right after using it can cause damages to the fireplace’s interior. Waiting for a few hours or a whole day after using it can let the debris fully settle, and minimize the damages that may occur. It is also best to clean the surroundings first.


Burnt wood and other residues can spread throughout the rugs and furniture that are located near the fireplace, so covering the surrounding floor with a sheet or tarpaulin will be a helpful solution to this problem. Lastly, it will be wise to invest in a chimney brush. These brushes are helpful because they can reach the different spots in the chimney where there may be debris and creosote buildup. These brushes come in different sizes that can fit any chimney, so you can go to your local store and find one that will fit your chimney.


To learn more, check out this infographic by Long Island Roofing and Chimney, the trusted company when it comes to chimney sweeping in Suffolk County.

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