5 Roofing Pests that Can Damage Your Roof

The roof is a critical part of the home. It keeps your family safe and secure from the outside elements while you are inside your home. Most roofs would have no problem withstanding years of wear and tear. However, even the best roofs would have to deal with a few issues from time to time.

Unfixed damage can further wreak havoc on the walls and roof of your home. When your roof has weak spots, it gives an opening for pests to sneak into where they will make themselves at home. As their families grow, the problems they cause will not just end in making annoying scurrying and rustling noises. They will also cause terrible damage to your roof.

The presence of pests can significantly damage a home’s roofing system, from chewing through some sections of your roof to even causing a house fire. They can do all of this without your knowledge until you find some kind of visible damage to your roof. If this goes unnoticed for too long, the damage can spread to other areas of your home.

Pests infiltration does not only potentially lead to thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement, but they also pose a serious risk to the health and safety of your family.

Since a roof is a huge investment, you’d want to prevent these pests from infiltrating to avoid roof damages from escalating further and prolong your roof’s lifespan. Should you get visited by any of these pests, contact a Lexington, KY roofer who can restore your home back to living condition.

It’s essential to understand the various pests that make their home your roof to prevent pest damage from occurring in the first place. This infographic by Fahey Roofing Contractors lists out the unwanted guests that tend to settle in your roofing system.

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